What Does Your Social Media Say?

Have you ever typed out a comment on your social media account and then deleted it after thinking it through? Having the ability to proofread and thoughtfully consider your public profile could actually save you from being turned down for a job.  

Since potential employers may view your media pages to learn more about you, what you post matters.

Platforms such as Facebook®, Twitter®, and Linked-In® are great avenues to learn about a person and find potential employees. However, it can also be a great way to learn how someone behaves outside the work environment.  

Here are some guidelines to follow that will help your employment process move in your favor. 

Lose the “partying”, sexual and political posts.  Privacy is a fading ideal, and the more you share with the world, the more they know about you. According to Time.com, 1 out of 6 recruiters claim political posts are a negative on a potential employee’s social media page, while sexual posts turn away 70% of possible employers.

ALWAYS use correct grammar and spelling – 66% of hiring employers hold incorrect spelling and grammar against the applicant.

Don’t be afraid to toot your horn a little. If you have a Linked-In® profile, don’t leave out volunteering opportunities you have been a part of. They will show your generosity and philanthropy, which is an asset for any employee to possess.

Wash your mouth out. If an employer can access your Facebook® or Twitter® page, and it is littered with profanity, don’t expect a call for a job anytime soon.  Having self-control in your online world is as important as real life.

With the ever-changing security updates to social media sites, there is always a chance your future boss is checking your stats online. Always run a tight ship and conduct your social media so that no matter, who reads about your profile, they will see the best in you.

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