Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Scrubs Looking Great

Nursing scrubs can easily become worn out easily and quickly! It’s not enough to wash your scrubs like you do your every day clothes. They need extra love by disinfecting and conditioning them so they stay like new year round. Not sure how to do that? No problem! Here are 5 tips and tricks to take great care of those scrubs!

1. Pre-Treat New Scrubs

Before you wear your new scrubs, make sure to pre-treat them. This will set their color and prevent them from fading over time. An easy way to do this is to get some cold water, mix in a half cup vinegar and soak them. 

2. Wash Separately 

Do not mix your scrubs in with your other clothes when doing laundry. Since you need to disinfect them, they should be washed separately. 

3. Use Color Safe Stain Remover Before Washing

Since stains are a frequent occurrence for nurses, so use a color safe stain remover to remove the stain before washing it and setting it into the scrubs.

4. Dry At High Heat 

Dry your scrubs at the highest heat for 30 minutes. This will insure all the bacteria is killed still left on the scrubs!

5. Avoid Spraying Perfumes Directly On Scrubs

Some nurses want to smell great throughout their shift, and that’s fine! But, be careful when you’re spraying the perfume and don’t spray it directly on the scrubs. This can lead to some tricky stains. 

If you take good care of your scrubs, they will take good care of you back! What’s your favorite brand of scrubs to wear?