Tips For Your First Travel Assignment

Tips For Your First Travel Assignment

Sometimes it can be hard to adjust to a new schedule and environment when you are on a travel assignment, so planning head for your first trip is very important. Aside from packing your favorite clothes and necessities, there are other things you can do to prepare for your new adventure. 

1. Research the Location

This should be a given, but give your new location lots of research in the days leading up to your departure. Specifically search what is going to be around where you are staying, so you can plan the best way of getting around to the things you want to do! Save restaurants, museums, parks and any other things you want to explore. Make sure to check out free experiences as well! All of this will help you feel more comfortable with your new surroundings and will encourage you to get out and explore!

2. Pack Smart

Packing may be the hardest part of becoming a travel nurse because you are essentially moving your entire life for just a few months. Start with making a list of all of your essentials, such as toiletries, medications, supplies, etc. Then, make a travel binder that has all of your personal information and documents neatly organized within. That way, when you need to find your important documents, they will all be in one place and will travel much safer. You will also need to bring the bare minimum of kitchen, cleaning and bathroom supplies. Try to keep all of those items in a box to themselves so it’s easier to sort through when you get to your destination. As far as clothes go, make sure you have your scrubs or outfits for your position. When it comes to packing your normal clothes, try to pick pieces that can be worn multiple times and changed up by adding statement pieces. This will ultimately decrease the amount of clothes you will have to pack! 

3. Use your free time wisely

Plan to get to your location a few days early so you can unpack, unwind and learn your surroundings. Also search out other traveling employees at your orientation and plan to hang out! This will help you make friends and feel less home sick. You can also ask about other travelers when you sign in to your apartment. If you’re lucky, there will be other travelers that live near you and will be looking to make new friends too! Use your free time to relax and do your favorite things you used to do at home. Swim, bike, hike, run, anything to keep you moving and active.

4. Read and understand your contract before you sign

Contracts differ from job to job so make sure you read it in full before you sign and agree to all terms. Confirm your pay rate and make sure that your hours are guaranteed. If there is a floating policy, make sure you are comfortable with floating to whatever departments it states. If you aren’t comfortable with something in the contract, ask the agency to change the wording to ensure your success. 

There are a lot of things to remember for a travel assignment, but if you are prepared you already won half the battle! If you are ready to take on a travel nursing career, contact AHS NurseStat today and we can help you find your dream job!