Tips for Dialysis Patients During Hot Summer Months

Summer heat can bring heath risks for dialysis patients – so know what to do and the signs to look for.

When it’s hot outside, it can be even hotter inside. Air conditioning can be a life saver. You can be safe,comfortable, and save money by setting your air conditioner to 78° or low cool.

Use your air conditioner when you are at home.  Fans alone will not keep you cool when it is really hot outside.

If you do not have an air conditioner:

 Go to a cool place like a library, a friend’s home with air conditioning, or a cooling center.

Call your county department of health and ask “Where is the cooling center nearest to me?”

  Try to stay in the shade. Exposure to the sun causes perspiration and the urge to drink.

 Avoid strenuous physical activity.

Wear light, loose-fitting clothes.

If you’re really thirsty try sucking on an ice cube, a piece of hard candy or a wedge of lemon or lime to help quench your thirst.  Frozen grapes,pineapple chunksor frozen cubes of apple or cranberry juice are also refreshing.

  Brush your teeth often. It cleans your teeth, freshens your mouth and lessens the urge to drink.
 If you really have to drink, sip slowly rather than gulping the whole glass down.
Avoid salty and spicy foods; they can make you thirsty.
  If your have diabetes, maintain good blood sugar control. High blood glucose can make you thirsty.
Recognize the symptoms of too much heat.

 Call 911 or go to the emergency room right away if you or someone you know has symptoms of heat illness, such as:

• Hot, dry skin OR cold, clammy skin
• Weakness
• Dizziness
• Nausea or vomiting
• Trouble breathing
• Confusion, hallucinations, disorientation

Read more at:  www.ipro.com
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