Nurses: In-demand Healthcare Jobs

Aging population leading to 26 percent growth for nurses through 2020

According to a recent article in FierceHealthcare, many organizations are looking to the nurse workforce to help close the primary care gap and meet the rising demand for healthcare services.

And having adequate nurse staffing is crucial to patients.  Nurses interact with patients while hospitalized or in private practices so their services are in high demand.

The article also states that a growing number of older nurses intend to leave the profession which leaves a critical shortage in terms of nursing positions and know-how.

Marcia Faller, Ph.D, and a registered nurse said, “not only is it just volumes of nurses that intend to leave and likely not return because of they’re retiring, but it’s also almost a ‘brain-drain’ because those nurses hold a vast amount of experience and knowledge.

Faller recommends hospitals focus on the workplace environment to attract and retain their nursing workforce.  To create an environment where nurses feel they can provide high-quality care and that the hospital has adequate staff and promotes a culture of safety.

A good work environment does more than only get nurses to stay. It also leads to better patient outcomes and lower mortality rates, according to a study in the May issue of Medical Care. Moreover, a good nurse work environment means fewer readmissions, according to another Medical Care study in January. The researchers found a good work environment for nurses reinforces their autonomy, offers sufficient resources, establishes support and gives nurses a greater role in decisions, FierceHealthcare previously reported.

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