National Demand for Dialysis Nurses

There are an estimated 415,000 people in the United States on dialysis.

As the number of dialysis patients continues to grow – so does the demand for dialysis nurses.

The number of dialysis patients continues to grow due to our aging population.  And our unhealthy lifestyles here in the U.S. adds to that increase.

Dialysis can be done in a hospital or independent dialysis clinics and there are more than 5,700 dialysis facilities across the nation.

As with most jobs in healthcare, the employment outlook continues to grow at a faster-than-average pace.

With the demand continuing to grow as well as the number of dialysis nurses and technicians entering the field each year, it is sometimes difficult to find a dialysis job in your area.

Today, most dialysis providers offer “travel assignments” for a specified number of weeks.  These travel assignments usually offer a number of perks to help entice qualified candidates to consider the position.  Most travel assignments offer paid housing, travel expenses to and from the assignment and many other benefits.  The problem is, how do you find them?

Once you have decided you want to be a dialysis travel nurse, the best thing would be to find a reputable dialysis staffing company who can work on your behalf to find a position in the area you desire.

At AHS RenalStat, our team has over 70 years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry.  We have relationships with some of the largest dialysis providers in the country and will work on your behalf to place you.

And AHS RenalStat is one of the only dialysis staffing agencies who offer per-diem assignments.  So whether you are looking for permanent, travel or per-diem, we can help!

To speak to one of our AHS RenalStat team members, call 877-309-3546. Or email your resume to [email protected]