Long Shift Snacking

Nothing is worse than hearing your stomach growl one hour into your twelve hour shift. But what should you pack to eat that will keep you satisfied and energized all day? Here are a few meal and snacking tips for those long shifts!

Tip #1:

Breakfast is Crucial

Now we’re not talking coffee, unfortunately. This will only lead to a crash laster and the need for more! For breakfast you should have a whole carbohydrate like oatmeal, a lean protein like turkey bacon or a hard-boiled egg and fruit. Eating a balanced breakfast is the best way to get energized and start your day feeling well. 

Tip #2:

Pace Yourself

Instead of packing two large meals, pack a lot of little healthy snacks. It’s better to eat every two hours in small, healthy amounts than to eat two large meals six hours apart. Some easy and healthy snacks to pack are carrot sticks, granola bars, rice cakes, fruit and crackers and cheese. Spreading out your healthy snacks throughout the day will keep your blood sugar levels steady and your energy high! Also, don’t forget to hydrate!

Tip #3:

Feed Your Brain

Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to help with the development of brain cells and are needed to receive and transmit message in the brain. They also help the brain regenerate and refresh itself. Some good ways to get more Omega-3 in your diet is walnut oil or fish. Choline has also been shown to enhance memory and decrease fatigue. Eggs are a great source of Choline.

So next time you have a long shift ahead of you, pack smart and you will have more energy to get through the day! What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?