Difference Makers in the Workplace Part IV: Soft Skills

There is no denying that in any career, challenges present themselves. It is crucial to be able to handle circumstances that arise with a cool head. To stand out as a difference maker, specifically in the nursing field, you need to possess soft skills that effectively help you deal with challenges. Read on to find out which soft skills make the biggest impact.


Data can be easily collected and changed, but a difference maker has the diligence to inspect the data and draw inference from it. Connecting the dots allows difference makers to make valuable recommendations, and point people in the right direction. Recognizing important information and taking initiative to get that information to the right people or make a more thorough decision, leads to massive impact on the job.


You didn’t have to earn an A+ in speech to have effective communication skills. They can be learned at any stage in life. You need to be clear and concise in your speaking and charting, otherwise mistakes are likely to happen. Difference makers understand the importance of effective communication, and work to build their skill from various resources. 


No, not your muscles, but your expertise and schedule. This is not just for new nurses, but highly-seasoned workers who may not be as open to change. Adapting to the everyday needs of your employer and patients will make you an asset to any organization.


A strong team is built on those who work together and can delegate and trust that each job is being completed. Nursing is a career that sets the standard for teamwork. Achieving a common goal should be at the top of every nurse’s to do list.

Take Away

Don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.  Be aware of your work choices and how they affect your outcome. Demonstrate your capabilities and be willing to rise to the occasion. Observation, communication, flexibility, and collaboration are just a few of the many qualities of a difference maker. 

How will you make a difference today?