Beyond These Walls: Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

On April 19, 1995, at 9:02am, a bomb exploded at the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City, OK.  

Source:  Oklahoma City National Memorial

The powerful explosion blew off the building’s north wall. Emergency crews raced to Oklahoma from across the country, and when the rescue effort finally ended two weeks later the death toll stood at 168 people, including 19 young children who were in the building’s day care center at the time of the blast. More than 650 other people were injured in the bombing, which damaged or destroyed more than 300 buildings in the immediate area.

Twenty years later, runners and volunteers from across the country converge on Oklahoma City on the last Sunday in April to honor those who lost their life and the lives that were forever changed by the devasting event on April 19th.

AHS Staffing employees, Kelly Burleson, Brett Burleson and Megan McCormick all volunteer their time to help coordinate the OKC Memorial Kids Marathon.

Kelly Burleson, who is the Race Director, said “there is no greater feeling than to listen to trumpets playing at the survivor tree race morning.  With thousands of people standing around, you can hear a pin drop.”

The OKC Memorial Kids Marathon, which caps their race at 3,500 kids up to age 6th grade, is not only about running, it is about history.  “The kids today weren’t even born when the bombing occurred in 1995 and it is part of Oklahoma history.  It is our job to help educate them and our race serves as a testimony that good can overcome evil,” said Burleson.

Burleson’s husband, Brett and daughter Megan, who also work at AHS Staffing, have helped coordinate the marathon for many years.

“It’s a lot of work, but at the end of the day, when you see those kids who have worked so hard to run their miles and receive their marathon medal…it’s all worth it,” said Brett.

Megan McCormick, Race Coordinator, works throughout the year to recruit volunteers and mascots to come out race weekend and help support the kids.  “I love working with the marathon.  Just knowing that we are supporting our city and teaching healthy choices to these kids, makes you want to come back year after year.”

This is the twentieth anniversary of the bombing and the citizens of OKC continue to come out and support their city.  “It’s a lot of fun race weekend to walk around and talk to people who are from out-of-state.  Warms my heart to hear them tell me how friendly our city is and how much they enjoy this race.  Makes it all worth it!” said Burleson.

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is a Boston qualifying USATF sanctioned race, but it is also a fundraising event to support the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.  Voted one of the 12 ‘must-run’ marathons in the world by Runner’s World magazine.

These are just a few AHS Staffing employees that put in time outside of work to give back to their community.  “It’s important to us as a company to give back and make an impact in the communities we serve.” said Jerick Henley, AHS Staffing President.

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