8 Halloween Costume Ideas for Nurses

Working on Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. Patients who are stuck in the hospital will love seeing costumes and it could brighten their day!

Wigs and masks might not be allowed at your facility, but there are other ways to celebrate the monster holiday!

Here are some ideas for Halloween costumes:

Rosie the Riveter

All you need is some bright lipstick, a red bandana, and a blue shirt! If your Halloween costume code is strict, a pair of navy scrubs would work! Don’t forget to flex your muscles for your patients and co-workers!

Party Animal

Paint some whiskers on your face and the tip of your nose, or wear an animal nose. Wear a birthday or cardboard party hat and dance around your shift!

Identity Thief

For facilities with strict Halloween dress codes, this is a perfect costume. Wear your scrubs (black if possible) and purchase a stack of name tags. Write various names on several name tags and stick them on your scrubs!


White scrubs, black spots, a black nose and puppy ears!


Minions are all the rage right now! Try on a yellow long sleeved shirt, blue scrub pants and extra large costume glasses! You can even make your hair messy for full effect!

Aloha Tropics

A necklace of flowers and a grass skirt over your scrubs is a simple inexpensive costume that can easily come off as a tropical paradise. Buy floral necklaces in bulk and hand out to patients and families!


A red and white striped shirt, black or navy scrub pants, red beanie, and dark rimmed glasses will have your patients and co-workers asking where you are!


Everyone has a favorite team or sport! Shirts and jerseys are fairly easy to come by!  Add in a big Styrofoam “Number 1” for fun!

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