6 Keys for a Standout Interview.

As graduation or a new career approaches, the anticipated interview process begins. Phone interviews, one on ones, panel interviews, and behavior-based questions…the list goes on and on. The process can make even the most qualified candidate feel overwhelmed.

However, much can be done to alleviate interview anxiety by simply being prepared.  Before you worry, read on for ideas to help you cope.

Here are 6 key strategies to ace your interviews!

Know the company.  

Spend time researching the company you’re interviewing with. Make note of their mission statement, vision and organizational values.  Use the information to tailor your answers towards their business strategy.

This simple preparation shows initiative, thoughtfulness, and motivation.  Based upon the information you learn, your answers can easily set you apart from a field of qualified candidates.

Look the part and smile.  

Get a good night’s rest. Eat a sustaining meal to fuel your mental game, allowing you to think on your feet. Dress professionally, no matter the job. Most importantly, have a pleasant disposition the entire interview.

Bring extra resumes.  

You may have more than one interviewer. Panel interviews are a common. Be prepared with extra copies of your resume on quality resume paper. Group them into a nice folder for a professional presentation.

Don’t be in a rush.  

Make sure to block off enough time to make the interview your entire focus.  Worrying about rushing off to get somewhere else can really distract you from answering questions thoughtfully.  It can also give the impression that the interview isn’t important to you.

Ask questions.   

Most companies leave time during the interview to let you ask questions.  Preparing at least a few, shows initiative and thoughtfulness.  It also helps your potential employer assess your level of engagement in selecting a job.

Say Thank You. 

Whether a simple phone call or a handwritten note, thank the interviewer for their time two to three business days after the interview.  This creates a final impression, and it could be the one that lands your dream job!

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