3 Skills To Have As An Acute Dialysis RN

If you have been researching if acute dialysis nursing is for you, then you’ve come to the right place! Just knowing and reading job descriptions, as well as daily job duties isn’t going to tell you if you’ll be successful at it or not. Here are the 3 most important skills to have to become a successful dialysis nurse:

1. People Skills

This is obvious in any nursing job because you are constantly interacting with supervisors, doctors, your teammates, as well as your patients and their families! Some attributes that go along with people skills that will make you more successful are multitasking abilities, great written and verbal communication and stress management skills in order to keep yourself functioning at the highest possible rate.

2. Organization

As a dialysis nurse, you will be working with lots of different patients and sometimes even other facilities on a day to day basis. This leads to lots of medical records to read, assess and review. If you can stay organized and find what works for you digitally and even traditionally, you will find yourself succeeding. You must also be familiar with the latest software, specifically applications that pertain to the medical field.

The second part of organization skills is strong typing skills. You may be asked to update or create medical records, attend treatment planning or even track a patient’s recovery progress. If you struggle with typing or technology, this might cause you a great amount of stress. There are ways to build your typing skills online that are in game formats to make it fun! Here is one for example: https://play.typeracer.com/

3. Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is the last, but probably the most important because this relates to your patients and their health. You must monitor your patients to identify any signs of complications during routine procedures. Also, you will be expected to prepare solutions and set limits on any necessary hardware that is involved. With attention to detail comes confidences regarding your ability to complete the day to day responsibilities to help you patients get better.

If any / all of these skills sound like something you excel in, or could excel in, then an acute dialysis nursing position might be for you! If you have additional questions about the acute dialysis position or where you can find a job opening, contact us today!