3 Behavior-based Interview Questions to Know

Interview preparation shouldn’t be a dreaded task where stress and worry take over.  

A great way to ace personality and behavior-based questions is to place yourself in the position of the interviewer as you practice.  Turning the tables helps you tune in to the answers you would like to hear if you were the one asking the questions.

To help you better develop a response, here are 3 of the most commonly asked behavior-based interview questions.  We’ve also included some tips to help tailor your answers to emphasize key points.

Question 1

“Talk about a time when you had to work closely with someone whose personality did not compliment yours and how you handled it.”

Here is a question that could easily show both the negatives and positives of your personality.  Be sure to be honest, but not condescending of the person with which you had the personality conflict.  

We’ve all worked with someone who wasn’t the easiest to get along with.  Showing understanding and cooperation is a huge asset to any company, and highlighting those things in your answer can display both qualities.

Question 2

“We all make mistakes we wish we could undo.  Tell me about a time you wished you had taken a different route on a situation with a colleague.”

This question is not a trap, but rather a way to show your humanity and reconciliation skills.  Not every choice you make will always be the right one. 

The key to answering this question is to emphasize your ability to learn from mistakes, use new knowledge to move forward, and show a character of resiliency.

Question 3

“Describe a time when you witnessed an issue and took the initiative to correct it, rather than waiting for someone else to fix it.”

This question is geared to mine information on your initiative, decision-making and leadership skills.  

We have all been there; when something needed to be done, but no one wanted to do it.  Describe that situation and discuss how you felt after the task was completed.

Make sure to focus on the issue and your ability to solve the problem.  Don’t focus on the problem. Your answer should be solution oriented.

The Wrap Up

Being prepared to answer these 3 interview questions will put you ahead of the competition in a job interview. Remember as you practice; think like the interviewer. 

Be honest in your responses. Highlight what you do well, and the things you are doing personally and professionally to grow. You’re perfect interview is just around the corner!

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