Why Consider Travel Dialysis Jobs?

Woman looking at nature after taking travel dialysis jobs to travel the U.S.
Travel dialysis jobs help you enjoy adventures anywhere you want in the country.

Travel dialysis jobs come with many perks and advantages. If you’re considering a career as a travel dialysis technician or nurse, it’s important to know the many benefits of becoming a traveler. In this article, we’ll discuss what travel dialysis jobs have to offer that permanent staff positions usually do not. 

What Are Travel Dialysis Jobs?

First, what exactly are travel dialysis jobs? Basically, this is where you have a temporary contract as a dialysis technician or nurse. Instead of being employed by an individual facility, you’re employed by a staffing agency like AHS RenalStat. However, you choose where to go and which assignments to take, we’re just here to help you find the right jobs for you.

Assignments usually last about 13 weeks, though they may be longer or shorter. In some cases, you can even extend your assignment to stay on longer than the original contract. There’s a lot of flexibility for travel dialysis jobs.

These are called travel dialysis jobs because you can travel practically anywhere in the country. Most traveling dialysis professionals travel at least to a different city from their hometown, if not to different states. 

You can find assignments practically anywhere and in many types of facilities. For instance, you might find assignments in hospitals, dialysis centers, or physicians’ offices. You can also find travel dialysis jobs in different specialties, like acute dialysis, chronic dialysis, and dialysis education. 

Before taking each assignment, you will need to make sure you have the right credentials for that area. Our credentialing team is here to help you with this. Just keep in mind you might need to get a license or certification in each state where you plan to take dialysis technician jobs or dialysis nurse jobs.

Why Become a Dialysis Professional?

There are many reasons why you might consider a career in dialysis. One reason is that you get to help patients. Dialysis is a life-saving procedure for patients with kidney disease and kidney failure. Becoming a dialysis technician or nurse means you get to help people every day by helping them get the treatment they need.

Also, unlike many other healthcare professions, dialysis nurses and techs can really get to know their patients. In many cases, dialysis patients are coming in for treatment three times a week and stay for several hours. So, you can build relationships with your patients and get to know them. Whereas an ER nurse may help a patient and never see them again. Many people are drawn to dialysis careers because of the ability to see the same patients regularly. 

Another reason you might want to be a dialysis nurse or technician is that the environment is often a lot different from many other nurses and healthcare techs. If the fast-paced environment of a hospital or emergency room doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you might consider a career in dialysis. Dialysis professionals often work in more quiet and calm environments. 

Careers in dialysis also come with a lot of security. The demand for dialysis nurses and technicians is high and expected to keep increasing. There are a few reasons for this. One is that the country is experiencing healthcare staffing shortages throughout different specialties, including dialysis professionals. Also, the number of people with kidney disease and kidney failure is increasing, also raising the need for dialysis professionals.

Top Reasons to Consider Travel Dialysis Jobs

Now you know some of the reasons you might want to become a dialysis technician or nurse, let’s talk about why you should consider travel dialysis jobs after you get your education and credentials. Traveling dialysis techs and nurses enjoy a ton of benefits compared to permanent staff positions. Here are just some of the many perks:

Travel Dialysis Jobs Help You See the Country

One reason many dialysis techs and nurses choose travel dialysis jobs is for the adventure of traveling across the country. As a traveling dialysis professional, you can go practically anywhere you want. You choose your assignments with the help of your recruiter, so you can make a bucket list and decide exactly where you want to go. 

It’s a great opportunity to see new places while doing what you love. As a traveling dialysis nurse or technician, you can take an assignment near the beach, close to fascinating museums, or in the mountains and see all the sights you’re dying to see.

Travel Dialysis Jobs Pay More than Staff Jobs

Another reason many people choose travel dialysis jobs over a permanent staff position is the pay. Travelers often make significantly more than their permanent counterparts, which is similar to other travel nurse jobs

Since travelers help fill in staffing gaps at facilities in need, they are willing to pay a premium to get the help. Each assignment has a different pay rate based on many different factors, but generally you will make more than someone in a permanent position with your same credentials. 

In addition to a higher salary, travelers also get many other perks. For instance, travelers with AHS RenalStat get great benefits packages including 401K with up to 5% matching, and full medical and dental benefits. We also provide private, furnished housing for free near your assignment or you can choose to take a tax-free stipend for housing instead. All these extras can add up to create a really competitive compensation package.

You Get Great Experience as a Traveling Dialysis Tech or Nurse

As a travel dialysis professional, you can also get a lot of great experience to take with you in your career and your life. Traveling to different places and working in many different facilities means you can meet a lot of different people and see how different facilities do things. This is a great learning opportunity that also looks amazing on a resume, whether for other travel assignments or if you want to settle down in a permanent position later. It’s a great way to fast-track your experience and show future employers that you are a quick learner and can easily adapt to many different situations.

Travel Dialysis Jobs Allow You to Help Those Most In Need

As a dialysis tech or nurse, we know you love helping people. Travel dialysis jobs allow you to go where you’re needed most and help patients that really need care. Travelers fill in when facilities can’t fill staffing gaps right away, so you’re making a huge impact anywhere you go. With each assignment you know you’re making a difference for kidney patients. 

AHS RenalStat – Specializing in Dialysis Staffing

Take the next step in your career and reach out to our team at AHS RenalStat. We specialize in matching dialysis professionals with facilities who need their help. Our team is here to make a positive impact and help you enjoy a great experience as a traveling dialysis technician or nurse. We help with everything from finding assignments that may be a fit to assisting with credentialing. Get started with our team today by browsing our job board or reaching out to one of our expert recruiters!