Travel Dialysis Technician Jobs: What to Expect

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Dialysis technicians play a critical role in caring for kidney patients. Travel dialysis technician jobs allow you to provide quality dialysis care to patients throughout the country. There are many things you should know before becoming a traveling dialysis technician. In this article, we’ll talk about what to expect from travel dialysis technician jobs. 

What Do Dialysis Technician Jobs Entail?


If you’re considering becoming a dialysis technician, then it’s important to know what to expect from this profession, whether you choose a permanent position or choose travel dialysis technician jobs. Dialysis technicians, also known as dialysis techs, are responsible for many tasks related to dialysis. 

Dialysis is a method of cleaning toxins from the blood using a machine when the kidneys cannot do so, usually because of kidney disease. Patients with kidney disease often need dialysis while waiting for a kidney transplant. Dialysis technicians work under the supervision of dialysis nurses and physicians to provide kidney patients with dialysis care. They are responsible for setting up and maintaining equipment, attaching the needed equipment to dialysis patients for treatment, and also monitoring patients during dialysis. Dialysis technicians also help educate patients and family members about dialysis treatment. 

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Dialysis technician jobs help you help kidney patients with hemodialysis treatment.

Dialysis technician jobs are usually in facilities like dialysis centers and hospitals. Depending on where you work, dialysis techs often enjoy day shifts during certain hours because dialysis is usually a treatment planned in advance. Also, many dialysis techs get to know their patients more than other types of healthcare technicians because patients often return several times a week for treatment.

How to Become a Dialysis Tech

Becoming a dialysis technician first requires either a high school diploma or a GED before you can start your dialysis tech education. From there, you can usually get the education you need to become a dialysis technician in 12 to 18 months from an accredited program.

Most states don’t require licensure, registration, or certification for dialysis techs, with some exceptions like California and New Mexico. However, keep in mind that many facilities prefer or even require their technicians to be certified through a recognized program like the National Nephrology Certification Organization. 

After you get your education, you can start practicing and take dialysis technician jobs that fit your needs. 

Travel Dialysis Technician Jobs

Travel dialysis technician jobs usually have the same requirements as permanent positions. However, travel assignments are short-term, usually lasting about 13 weeks. For these positions, you travel to a certain area to fill in as a dialysis tech for facilities that need your help. For instance, due to staffing gaps from leaves of absence, resignations, or even unexpected increases in the number of patients that need care. 

Traveling dialysis technicians need to have all the same credentials as other dialysis techs. However, they also need at least two years of experience practicing as a dialysis technician before they can take travel jobs with our medical staffing agency. This is to make sure you have enough time in the field to adjust quickly to different environments and also provide top quality care for kidney patients. 

What to Know About Travel Dialysis Jobs

Of course, there are pros and cons to all travel dialysis jobs. It’s important to know some information about being a traveling dialysis tech so you can make the right decision for yourself. Here are some things to expect as a traveling dialysis technician:

You Can Make More from Travel Dialysis Technician Jobs

One huge perk of being a travel dialysis technician is that you can make more than techs in permanent positions. Since you’re filling in for staffing gaps, facilities are willing to pay a premium for your help. Not only that, but your medical staffing agency negotiates on your behalf to get you the best compensation package possible.

Also, compensation for travel dialysis technician jobs include other aspects, like tax-free stipends for things like housing and travel. Compensation packages also include benefits like 401K savings programs with matching and medical and dental insurance. All this typically adds up to be much more than you would make in a permanent position.

You Can Gain a Lot of Experience as a Traveling Dialysis Tech

Since you work in several different facilities each year as a traveling dialysis tech, you can also gain really valuable experience. For instance, you’ll likely get hands-on experience working with different EMR programs, different dialysis machines, and also different professionals who can give you tips and pointers that can take you years to learn in a staff position.

You Get to Explore the Country with Travel Dialysis Technician Jobs

If you love to travel, then this is a great career for you. As the name suggests, traveling dialysis technicians get to go anywhere in the country for their jobs. You can spend one assignment near beachy towns while the next you can take up in the chilly mountain air. Since you’re the one picking the assignments, you can choose exactly where you want to go. 

Care for Patients who Really Need Help

Additionally, travelers know they are really helping those in need. Without their help, the facility would likely have serious staffing shortages. That means you’re assisting kidney patients who really and truly need your help and also get to help your fellow dialysis professionals who would be overworked without you there. 

You Need to Think About Credentialing

While credentialing for dialysis technician jobs is usually a lot simpler compared to an RN or another healthcare professional, it’s still important to keep it in mind. As we mentioned, there are some places that require certification. So, you’ll need to plan ahead on what kind of credentials you will need for each assignment. Fortunately, we have a whole credentialing team here to help you with this.

You’ll Change Dialysis Technician Jobs a Lot

As a traveling dialysis technician, you’ll likely change jobs a few times a year. With the average assignment lasting 13 weeks, you’ll probably change jobs three to four times per year. With each job comes new orientation, new adjustment periods, as well as different pay packages and housing. This is really exciting for many, but it can be difficult for some. So, really make sure that this sounds fun and doable for you.

Become a Travel Dialysis Tech with AHS RenalStat

If you’re ready to become a travel dialysis technician, our team at AHS RenalStat is here to help. We are a top medical staffing agency specializing specifically in dialysis professionals. We help you find the right jobs for your needs and enjoy a fun experience as a traveling dialysis pro. Our team offers ongoing support for everything you need, from finding jobs to getting the right housing. Trust our team to help you achieve your career goals. Contact our recruiters today or browse our job board to see what might be a match!