Tips for Your First Travel Dialysis Job

Landing a travel dialysis job is such an exciting time. As a first time traveler, you’re probably ecstatic and ready to get started. Of course, there are some things that can seem a little daunting about moving to a new place to start a new job, no matter who you are. We do have some tips to make this easier if it’s your first travel job. In this article, you’ll find some of our best tips for first time travel dialysis professionals. 

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Tips for Your First Travel Dialysis Job

Person looking at map on their way to their travel dialysis job.
There are many ways to make the most of your first travel dialysis job.

If it’s your first ever travel dialysis job, there are several things that may help make the transition a little easier. Knowing these tips may help you feel more at ease and prepared for this adventure in your life and career. Here are some tips we have for your first travel assignment: 

Do Your Research Before Your Travel Dialysis Job Begins

Make sure you do plenty of research for your first travel dialysis job. This extends to many different things. For instance, it helps to do some research into travel healthcare and what to expect. You probably did this before you tried to find a dialysis job as a traveler, but we thought we’d mention it just in case. 

Additionally, you’ll want to do some research specifically about your travel dialysis job. You should probably look up the facility you’re moving to just to get a sense of what to expect. Don’t forget to also research your new town. Knowing what to expect for things like transit systems, traffic, crime rates, and fun things to do can be incredibly helpful. This way you won’t feel like a complete fish out of water when you arrive.

Get Organized

It’s time to get organized if you’re a traveling dialysis professional. Before your first travel assignment, it’s important to know exactly what you need to do and when. Lists, calendars, and reminders will be your friends. There will be a lot to keep track of and being organized (or becoming organized) will certainly help. For instance, make a list of everything you need to pack, check it twice, and mark things off as you go so you don’t forget anything and don’t bring unnecessary things. Also, as you travel around the country, it might slip your mind when you need to renew your license or register your car. Having calendar notifications is a great way to keep on top of things. So, buy a physical planner or create digital tools to help you keep yourself organized for travel dialysis jobs.

Make Sure You Have All Your Documents (Plus Extra Copies)

There are a lot of documents you’ll need to have handy during your travel dialysis job. Make sure you have all of them with you and that you know where to find them (try out those organization tips in the last section). Also, consider having digital and physical copies if you can, just in case. You’ll need to create a list of the exact documents you need based on your individual circumstances, but some important documents you might need on assignment include:

  • Driver’s license/state ID
  • Social security card
  • Nursing license
  • Immunization records
  • Certification copies
  • Annual physical records
  • Up-to-date resume

Create a Budget Based on Your Travel Dialysis Job Pay

Another thing that helps with any travel assignment, but especially for first time dialysis travelers is to make a budget and stick to it. You’ll know your weekly pay, stipend amounts, and how long your assignment will last ahead of time, so you can do this before you even leave. Make a list of all your expenses and what your pay is. From there, you can design a budget that helps you meet your financial goals (and also takes into account the fun things you want to do in your new town). Don’t forget to keep some money set aside for between assignments, as you’ll almost always have some time between the end and start of contracts.

Keep Up with Your Recruiter

During your travel dialysis job, also make sure you stay connected with your recruiter. Your recruiter will likely reach out during your assignment to check on you and discuss your next assignment. Remember, they’re your lifeline for many different things and can offer all kinds of support, both career-wise and personally. 

Plan for Housing When You Find a Dialysis Job

You’ll also need to have a plan in place for housing for your travel dialysis assignment. Some healthcare staffing agencies offer housing stipends and some offer provided housing. A few, like AHS RenalStat, offer you the choice between the two for your assignment. Know what your options are and what you will choose for your assignment. Keep in mind that most travelers choose agency-provided housing at least for the first assignment so they can get their bearings and there’s one less thing on their to-do list. 

Know Your Goals

Have a list of your goals and why you’re a traveler. It doesn’t matter what these are, whether to make more money, travel around the country, or get more experience. Just make sure you know what they are. Maybe consider posting the list on the wall at each place you visit. Knowing what your goals are helps guide you through decisions about your travel dialysis job and can help you stay motivated on tough days.

Arrive Early for Your Travel Dialysis Job

If you can, it’s also a good idea to arrive early for your travel dialysis job. Getting to town a day or two early lets you settle in a bit before your first shift and get the lay of the land. It can help you feel more at-ease and more prepared as you get ready for orientation and working in a new place. 

Take a Test Drive

Another benefit of arriving early is the ability to do a test run of your commute. Whether you have your own car, are taking public transit, or choosing another form of transportation, it helps to do a quick test run the day before your assignment starts. Try your commute out at the normal time you’ll need to leave to make sure you know what average traffic looks like so you won’t be late. This way, you’ll know how to get there before your first day and will know about how long it takes to get there. If you’ll be working in a place with multiple departments, floors, or buildings, make sure you know how to get there as well. 

Be Confident

Sometimes it can feel strange working with permanent staff who have been in a facility for a long time. However, make sure you bring your confidence with you. You have the skills needed and were hired for a reason, so don’t be afraid to speak up and integrate yourself into the facility’s team. 

Read Your Travel Dialysis Job Contract

You should always read your contract before accepting a travel dialysis job. You might want to read it again as well. Just make sure you know what’s in there and what’s not. For instance, know if you have a certain number of guaranteed shifts or if you’re allowed to take time off. Remember, each assignment is different on these terms, so always read your contract thoroughly. You can also always reach out to your recruiter if you need help or don’t understand something in the contract.

Think About Your Next Assignment

As you start your first assignment, now is also the time to start thinking about your next travel dialysis job. It’s never too early to start thinking about it! Talk to your recruiter about what you’d like in your next assignment so you can apply as soon as the right opportunity becomes available. 

Get Your Car Checked If You’re Driving

If you’re going to be using your own car to travel to your assignment, we also recommend doing a quick check. If you don’t know how, take it to a mechanic. Also, if you’re overdue for any service, it might be time to take care of it now. You might be traveling a long way away and you don’t want to deal with a breakdown on your way to your first travel dialysis job. 

Prepare to Have Fun and Explore!

We’ve talked a lot so far about “housekeeping” tips like staying organized, having everything prepared, etc. However, don’t forget to also have fun and explore your new town! As a traveler, you get a unique experience, so make sure you take time and really enjoy yourself. 

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