How To Save Money As A Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is a location-based career, so this means you should be smart with your money because nurses in different locations and states can have entirely different paychecks depending on that location’s cost of living!

Here are a few money saving tips so that you can minimize your costs as a traveling nurse:

Make Money Multiple Places

If money is tight, or you want to be sure you have enough money to do the things you want, think about your interests and find a way to make some money from them! The internet is an amazing place with lots of opportunities to make money. Here are some ideas:

  • If you are an animal lover, pick up dog walking by registering on apps like Wag and Rover. If you like dogs, you can combine two of your favorite things in your off time: dogs and nature, and make money at the same time!
  • Turn your travel nursing experiences into a blog or podcast! These outlets can lead to some sort of cash because companies will want you to advertise their products if you generate a large following.
  • Photography is another great way to bring in extra money! This is especially easy if you are working an assignment in a town with beautiful scenery.

Limit Your Costs

Some travel assignments come with a housing stipend, which is a great way to help you minimize your costs. Keep a record of what you have spent on past assignments to help you negotiate your price when you receive that stipend. Putting money you have received from bonuses into your savings can help handle unexpected costs as well.

Some other ideas include:

  • Look for bargains or deals when you are shopping and cooking meals at home.
    • Create your own recipe book so you can easily reference your favorite meals that didn’t break the bank.
  • Create an excel spreadsheet for easy bookkeeping of your finances.
  • Coupons are your friend!

Be sure to research the cost of living in the city before you leave so that you can budget as best as you can. Start a little more frugal and if you have leftover money, you can splurge on things without the fear of being in the hole!

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