Are You Ready To Be A Travel Nurse?

Are you thinking about becoming a travel nurse, but not quite sure if you’re ready? While experience is a major plus when it comes to travel nursing, there is no magic number of years that make it right or wrong! Here are a few factors to consider when deciding if it’s the right move for you.


Generally, 1-2 years on the job is a good starting point. The more day-to-day experience you have, the easier it will be for you to quickly learn the ropes in a new hospital. With every new job comes new systems and protocols, so there will still be a learning curve. You will receive 1-2 days of orientation, but beyond that, you are often on your own. You want to have a solid foundation before jumping around too much!

Area of Expertise

This depends less on the title or specialty you work in currently, but more on what your current work environment is like! Is it fast-paced? Constantly challenging you? If so, you’re probably ready to take on a travel nursing assignment!

Personal Attributes

Independent, thriving under pressure, flexible with time and people: these are all great attributes to have to be a successful travel nurse! Other qualities that will help you excel is being outgoing, ready for new challenges and having the ability to up and go at any time!

If all of this sounds scary or intimidating, maybe you need a few more years of experience before you set off to become a travel nurse! If all of this sounds exciting and fitting, then give us a call today!