5 Ways To Prepare For Your Nursing Performance Evaluation

When it comes time for your first nursing performance review, naturally, you may find yourself a little nervous. Just by changing your mindset going into this review, you can eliminate the stress and open yourself up to constructive criticism that will only help you in the long run. When you start becoming less interested in how well you are doing and more interested in how you can improve, you allow yourself to become the best you can be!

Check out these tips on how to prepare for your next performance review:

Keep A Copy Of Awards / Kudos From Patients

Did you put motivational quotes in the break room? Did you volunteer outside work in a nursing capacity? Are you going back to school or getting certifications? Did you come up with a new workflow that makes your job easier or safer? Everything counts here!

Anything on paper or with proof that shows how amazing you are will greatly benefit you in this review. Don’t feel bad about “bragging” because this is the perfect time to do so, and plus, you’ve put the hours and hard work in. Now’s the time to talk about it!

Treat It As Your Dream Interview

When you come in with the mindset that you want to impress and grow with the company, it will set you up for success. By the time your performance review comes around, you’ve had the time to think about what you’ve done well over the year, and where you see that you may need improvement. Being introspective and possessing the ability to self-evaluate is a skill that all industries, not just healthcare, hold in high regard.

Don’t Just Sign And Leave

Some facilities might not use this as an opportunity to help you learn and grow. They may let you get out the door having signed a piece of paper without much of a review at all. Don’t let them! Stick up for yourself and ask for the time to be reviewed and really see what you could improve upon.This is a time set aside for you, after all.

Ask For Examples / Explanations

Evaluations are not written in stone, but you must be open to what your superior has to say about areas you may need to improve in. If something isn’t clear, be sure to ask them to elaborate. This will only show your employer that you are interested in self-growth and are open to constructive criticism.

Your Supervisor Is Not A Mind Reader

Just like you aren’t around your supervisor all the time, it’s impossible for them to know everything that you do! Be sure to clearly inform them of your successes, ask questions, and clarify any issues that may arise.

Now, you’re ready! Take on that nursing performance review with confidence and an open mind, you won’t be disappointed.