Why Consider Travel Nurse Jobs in Dialysis

Travel nurse jobs are a great career option for many professionals. Becoming a travel dialysis nurse offers many advantages that you should consider. Dialysis nurses provide care for kidney patients using dialysis to cleanse their blood so they can live normal lives, often as they wait for a kidney donation. You can make a difference for many people as a dialysis nurse, especially as a traveler who fills in at facilities that need help. In this blog, you’ll learn some of the reasons why you should consider travel nurse jobs as a dialysis nurse. 

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Travel Nurse Jobs Are Available for Dialysis Nurses

Nurse talking to doctor for dialysis travel nurse jobs
There are many travel nurse jobs available in dialysis centers across the country.

When you think of travel nurse jobs, you might picture nurses in ICUs, ERs, or other similar departments. However, the travel nursing career is vast and includes basically every type of nursing specialty you can imagine. This includes dialysis! Dialysis nurses can also find travel opportunities and enjoy the many benefits of being a travel nurse, plus some extra ones specifically related to dialysis nursing. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself, can I travel as a dialysis nurse, the answer is absolutely!

Advantages of Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel nurse jobs have a lot to offer for professionals willing to work travel assignments in facilities that need their help. As a traveler, you typically make more than staff positions, get to enjoy traveling to destinations around the country, and also gain valuable experience you can take with you as a traveler or as a permanent dialysis nurse. 

Good Pay

Travelers often make more than their staff counterparts. One reason is that facilities are willing to pay a premium to nurses willing to move and work temporarily. After all, most facilities hire travelers only when there are staffing gaps they can’t fill immediately, like an unexpected absence or resignation. Hiring a traveler helps keep staffing levels in normal ranges and also buys the facility time to find a more permanent solution. In return, usually the hourly wage is much higher than they offer for a permanent hire. 

Additionally, since you often move away from home for travel nurse jobs, you’re entitled to stipends to help with duplicate expenses like housing. These are often tax-free and lumped into your check to help you cover these costs. The exact amount depends on the area you’re moving to for your assignment, but they’re often quite generous and some nurses are able to actually save a lot of that money. 


Another reason to consider travel dialysis jobs is the travel. Traveling is fun and exciting, and as a dialysis nurse you can actually get paid to do it. You get to choose where you work, so it’s really a choose-your-own-adventure situation. So, you can break out that bucket list and start crossing places off by taking jobs in those areas. Your recruiter can work with you to make this all possible. 


Another amazing advantage of travel nurse jobs in dialysis is that you get a lot of great experience. You work in many different facilities in many different places. You’ll interact with a lot of different professionals and patients. You’ll also learn how to use different tools like various dialysis machines, EMRs, and other equipment. All this is an incredible opportunity that can further your career, whether as a traveler or as a permanent dialysis nurse later on. So, you’ll boost those resume skills as you go!

Why Consider Travel Dialysis Jobs as a Nurse

Of course, there are some specific perks to keep in mind about travel dialysis nursing in particular. Here are some of the reasons to consider becoming a travel dialysis nurse:

Dialysis Nurses are in High Demand

Job security is always a good thing, and dialysis nursing is one of those careers that is really secure. People are always going to need healthcare and there’s currently a national shortage of healthcare all over the nation. Even more, the number of dialysis professionals needed is expected to increase. An estimated 37 million Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease, with many of those needing dialysis care. This is closely related to the obesity epidemic we’re experiencing in the country, meaning the demand for dialysis professionals is only expected to increase. Therefore, finding dialysis jobs will likely be quite easy if you choose this career option. Currently, travel dialysis nurses are in demand all over the country in both chronic and acute settings and in many different types of healthcare facilities. 

Travel Nurse Jobs in Dialysis Offer a Variety of Work Settings

Speaking of different types of facilities, dialysis nurses enjoy a lot of flexibility in where they work. Dialysis nurses can work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, dialysis centers, nursing homes, and many other types of facilities. You can also work with either acute or chronic patients. This allows you to really decide what kind of work environment you enjoy. 

Potential for Day Shifts and Weekends Off with Dialysis Travel Nurse Jobs

Another interesting perk of being a travel dialysis nurse is that you can often work in places that are only open during the day or during weekdays. For instance, a lot of dialysis centers require patients to schedule their dialysis sessions and are only open Monday through Friday with no overnight options. This means that you would only work day shifts and get weekends off for that assignment, which is a huge plus that many other nurses often don’t get the option of.

Dialysis Nurses Make Good Money

Another reason to consider a career as a travel dialysis nurse is that you can make killer money. According to Zip Recruiter, the 2023 national average salary for dialysis nurses is $76,947. The top five paying states include:

  1. New York – $85,365
  2. Idaho – $82,819
  3. California – $81,777
  4. New Hampshire – $79,921
  5. Vermont – $77,742

As we mentioned, the average salary for travel dialysis nurses is often much higher than for staff nurses, and you can travel specifically to areas with the highest average salaries to boost your compensation.

You Get to Know Your Patients

One often unique opportunity for dialysis nurses is the ability to interact with the same patients and build a relationship with them. Most dialysis patients need ongoing care, sometimes several times a week. This means you get to really create rapport and get to know your patients in a way that many other nurses, like ER nurses, simply can’t. 

How to Become a Travel Dialysis Nurse

If you’re ready to become a traveling dialysis nurse, the first step is to get your degree and nursing license. From there, you can gain dialysis-specific experience and get your certification. Two possible certifications that may help you as a dialysis nurse include the Certified Dialysis Nurse (CDN) certification and the Certified Nephrology Nurse (CNN) certification. 

Before you’re eligible for travel nurse jobs with AHS, you’ll need at least two years of experience practicing as a dialysis nurse. This way, you know you have the experience and clinical skills needed so you can get up to speed quickly in a variety of environments as a traveler. 

When you’re ready, all you need to do is apply for a job through our job board, submit a resume, or reach out to our recruiters to start finding assignments that are a perfect match for you.

Dialysis Travel Nurse Jobs at AHS RenalStat

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