Dialysis Tech Jobs Near National Parks

exploring Grand Canyon while working in travel dialysis tech jobs

Are you a dialysis technician? Do you want to work and travel simultaneously? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. 

At AHS RenalStat we have fantastic dialysis tech jobs waiting just for you. With the majority of our positions being temporary placements, an adventure always awaits in the next place you choose to work. The opportunity to experience living and working in multiple places across the country is an incredible chance for any dialysis tech! Check out our job board now to find job openings in your ideal destination.

Explore Famous National Parks in Dialysis Tech Jobs

Some of the biggest attractions in the United States are by far national parks. The U.S. is home to 63 national parks. Along with all of these national parks, some amazing cities surround them, so you can find a great job in the city while being close enough to discover the hidden corners of these famous parks. Plus, the cities near these national parks have so much to offer. There are endless things to do such as sightseeing, museum tours, retail therapy, and so much more.  

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

One of the most spectacular national parks is definitely Grand Canyon National Park. The park is an astonishing 1.2 million acres in size! If you enjoy hiking or river rafting, this park is a magnificent and endless place to explore. There are a couple of major cities within driving distance of the Grand Canyon where you could find a dialysis tech job and make your home base. 

Las Vegas, Nevada is just a short 2.5-hour drive from the park. The city of Las Vegas has so many things to do to say the absolute least! One of the biggest attractions of Las Vegas is without a doubt the Strip. Over 4 miles long, the Strip has everything you could imagine and more, including high-end restaurants and bars, hotels, and retail stores. Outside the city, take a drive to visit the Hoover Dam. This huge dam is 726 feet high and 1,244 feet long, an incredible feat of engineering that’s well worth a day trip.

The other nearest big city to Grand Canyon National Park is Phoenix, Arizona, a 3.5 hour drive away. One of the most enticing things that this city has to offer is Roosevelt Row, the walkable art district of Phoenix. There is dining and nightlife, street art and galleries, and shopping. You can also find some great hiking trails just outside the city in the local mountains.

exploring Grand Canyon while working in travel dialysis tech jobs
See some of the country's most incredible places while working in travel dialysis tech jobs!

Yosemite National Park, California

The famous Yosemite National Park has so much to show off besides its surreal beauty and size. Yosemite National Park is one of the most visited parks in the United States, attracting 3.5 million people each year. This park truly has some of the most beautiful natural vistas you will ever see. 

Besides the breathtaking views, there is also a huge bonus about Yosemite—San Francisco, California is only a half day drive away. The drive from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park is about 4 hours, close enough for an easy weekend trip. San Francisco is a mosaic of opportunities and discoveries. There are countless things to do here when you’re working in travel dialysis jobs. There are tons of boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops to discover all over the city. 

There are a few must-see places in San Francisco itself, too. One is the infamous prison on a rocky island off the coast, Alcatraz. Another popular attraction is the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, spanning 1.7 miles across the Bay. Last but not least are the painted ladies, a nickname for some of the most beautiful historical houses in the city. These houses sit on 710 to 720 Steiner Street between Grove and Hayes Sts. across the street from Alamo Square Park. 

Olympic National Park, Washington

The next breathtaking park that is worth visiting is Olympic National Park. This park encompasses almost 1 million acres, and has an abundance of wildlife and nature. Plus, it’s only 2.5 away from Seattle, Washington. 

One of the most popular landmarks to visit in the city of Seattle is the Space Needle. And if you’re working in the city in travel dialysis jobs, no doubt you’ll also love to browse the famous Pike Place Market for fresh food and delicious baked goods. Another huge attraction of Seattle is the University District. This area is a great place to go with an abundance of shops, museums, galleries, and restaurants.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park is almost 300,000 acres of majestic mountains, perfect for those who enjoy hiking, camping, or simply enjoying the serenity of a quiet mountain lake. The park is only a 1.5 hour drive from Denver, Colorado, so it’s extremely accessible if you’re working in the city in travel dialysis jobs. 

One of the greatest places in Denver is without a doubt the Lower District. The Lower District is full of clubs, shops, and restaurants. The Lower District does not leave anyone out because there is something for everyone! 

Checkmark Your Bucket List – Dialysis Tech Jobs with AHS RenalStat

All of these national parks and their surrounding cities have endless possibilities for you as a travel dialysis tech. Live life to the fullest—find a job in your bucket list destination now!

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