alt="dialysis staffing"The evolution of AHS Staffing continues!  On Wednesday, December 18th, AHS will move into our new corporate office building in Edmond, Oklahoma.  The move will allow for an expansion in office space to accommodate the increase in staff as we continue to grow our healthcare staffing services.  We’re excited about the move, our growth and the opportunity to better serve each of you.  The move will occur from 12pm to 5pm on Wednesday, December 18th Our team will be emailing clients and/or candidates they speak to on a regular basis to give you a phone number where you can reach them during this transition.  Or, you can try and reach us on one of our main numbers, 405-509-6200 or 877-309-3546. Thank you for your patience during this exciting time and we greatly appreciate the continued support. AHS RenalStat Team