Well If you ask TBS, “The Best Schools.org” it shows Certified Dialysis Nurse as the No. 1 best choice in specialty nursing.  alt="Dialysis Nurse Jobs"TBS:  Certified Dialysis Nurse What they do: Certified dialysis nurses help people whose kidneys don’t perform properly and who have to rely on dialysis machines to eliminate waste products from their body. Certified dialysis nurse is one of the nation’s fastest growing nursing specialties. There’s a high demand and a low supply of certified dialysis nurses. They’re also in demand on cruise ships. Most of the nurses employed at dialysis clinics enjoy a 9-to-5 working schedule—a breeze compared to hospital shifts. Qualifications: An RN license and at least 2,000 hours taking care of dialysis and nephrology patients in the past two years, as well as 15 hours of continuing education credits in nephrology. Certified dialysis nurses also need to pass an official certification test. As kidney disease is on the rise worldwide, especially among minority populations, the need for dialysis nurses is expected to grow. Hemodialysis nurses help manage patient care at a dialysis center. They monitor the patient’s vital signs and consult with them about the proper treatment. Hemodialysis nurses are responsible for overseeing the patient’s dialysis treatment from start to finish and they are a vital link to keeping the patient’s physician informed about changes in their patient’s condition. Some hemodialysis nurses specialize in home treatment called peritoneal dialysis (PD) and teach patients how to perform this procedure at home. Home hemodialysis nurses also monitor and administer medications and evaluate how their patient’s home peritoneal dialysis routine is progressing. Dialysis patients sometimes become depressed or discouraged and rely on their hemodialysis nurse not only for their medical wisdom but also for much needed emotional support. One benefit of working as a hemodialysis nurse is the ability to work with patients over an extended length of time which allows the practitioner to chart their progress which can be extremely helpful and rewarding. With aging baby-boomers and the rise in diabetes, there is a greater need for dialysis nurses in the U.S.  So how do these nurses find a “good fit” in the workforce? Must dialysis nurses have worked for several dialysis facilities.  Some nurses like to travel or work temporary assignments before deciding on a permanent location.  This allows both parties to try it out before offering permanent employment.  With the new trend of per diem, or relief shifts in the dialysis industry, some employers like being able to see if it is a "good fit" for both the dialysis nurse and the current staff.  This is really a win-win situation for everyone.  And with dialysis travel assignments on the rise, a dialysis nurse can see other parts of the country and get paid for doing her job at the same time.  This not only allows her a great opportunity to travel, but it also helps broaden their education in the industry.  Not all dialysis facilities operate the same, so a travel dialysis RN, is well educated when and if they decide to settle down in a permanent position. Becoming a dialysis nurse may be a wise decision – long into the future.  The dialysis industry is expected to grow due to increases in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and the aging population. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected 22 percent increase in nurse employment over the 2008 to 2018 decade. This rate of employment will be significantly faster than the national average for all occupations. The demand for employment will be related to the rise in the elderly population, the widening of healthcare services, and advancements in medical healthcare technology. These factors will contribute to creating a favorable job market for qualified professionals. If you are interested in becoming a Dialysis Travel RN or you are currently looking for temporary or permanent dialysis position, contact:

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