Each month you nominated a worthy RN for the honor of RN of the Month.  That award was given to a Dialysis RN who goes above and beyond the call of duty to make his or her facility a better place to work.  We would like to congratulate each of our monthly winners and say “thank you” for all that you do! We would also like to ask your help in choosing our RN of the Year!  Below you will find a list of our monthly winners and why they were nominated.  You can go to our facebook page or click here to vote for the Dialysis RN you feel is deserving of this award! February – Sherry Wicklund “Sherry was our very first RN of the Month! She was named RN of the Month for her hard work, dedication, and positive attitude.  Sherry is always friendly and willing to help." March – Barb Wooters-Dewey “Barbara is the epitome of the professional dialysis RN. She is passionate in how she treats her patients, co-workers and employer.April –Shazia Gillani “Shazia is an excellent nurse. She always has the patient’s needs as a first priority and has good rapport with them as well.” May –Hannah Legislador “Hannah has been terrific to work with.  She is a true professional and we appreciate her "can-do" attitude!” June – Dianne Hart “Dianne is an experienced dialysis nurse with time spent as a staff and charge RN. Her passion and love for her patients shows in all of her work and she is a joy to be around.” July – John Long “John has close to 30 years of experience in nursing. He brings expertise in assessment and patient care and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with him!” August – Betty Davis “Betty has been a traveler for quite a few years and has done several assignments all over the country.  Patients that she comes into contact with are better because of her! ” September – Jason Berlin “Jason has worked in dialysis as a dialysis technician for four years and has now worked hard and obtained his RN license. He is a hard, dedicated dialysis professional and we are glad to have the opportunity to work with him!” October – Kimberely Terrell “Kimberley took an assignment with very short notice and without complaint, started in at her new unit by helping right away. She is great to work with and an asset to any dialysis facility!” November – Reta Churchill “Reta has been with us for about a month and has done a wonderful job.  She works hard and does what is asked of her - and everyone at the unit loves and appreciates her!” December – Christine Green “Christine is the epitome of a healthcare professional. She has done dialysis in a permanent position as well as on travel assignments so has a good heartbeat on the industry from the dialysis providers all the way to the patients. ” Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate a deserving Dialysis RN.  And, thank you to our monthly winners!  We truly appreciate all that you do to help keep us healthy every day! We look forward to announcing our RN of the Year on January 31, 2013! AHS RenalStat