A per diem nurse works on a day-to-day basis when they are needed to cover for regularly-scheduled nurses on their days off.   A per diem nurse may also be called in to supplement regular staff when there is a sudden influx of patients. A per diem nurse may be scheduled for several shifts in a pay period, or may not be called into work until the day they are needed. There's typically no guarantee of how many shifts they will fill in a pay period.
While some per diem nurses work for one hospital, others float between different hospitals within a health system.  A per diem nurse may work in a specialty area, or serve a more general role on various nursing units.
A per diem nurse may be in great demand for holiday, night and weekend shifts.  They are a valuable part of a dialysis unit and critical in keeping some units functioning when staff is low.
AHS RenalStat is the leading dialysis staffing agency offering all three types of placement options: permanent placement, travel jobs, and relief (per diem) opportunities. Our goal is to keep both dialysis professionals happy and dialysis facilities running smoothly and efficiently.
We have placements all over the United States and are quickly gaining more positions to fill. What this means is that with us, dialysis professionals get a better variety of dialysis jobs to choose from; whether you're looking to work a per diem position in Texas, permanent position in New York or travel job in Florida, we are here to serve you and to be your advocate.With AHS RenalStat we offer you more job opportunities, no matter where in America you are.

For more information, contact: AHS RenalStat www.ahsrenalstat.com A Leading Dialysis Staffing Agency 877-309-3546 Complete a "quick apply"

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