We have an immediate opening for a Chronic PCT in Honesdale, Pennsylvania! 

Honesdale, the County seat, hosts the annual Wayne County Fair, starting on the first Friday in August as it has for over a century. The Fair spans nine days and draws thousands of visitors. It features typical county-fair events like horse racing, tractor pulling, livestock exhibits, concerts and other entertainments, many rides for children, crafts, home goods, and much more.

The famous children's magazine Highlights for Children was founded in Honesdale in 1946. The publisher maintains its editorial headquarters on Church St. in Honesdale, while their business offices are in Ohio.

Dyberry Forks a farm to fork restaurant is located in the building at 939 MAIN STREET which dates back to the late 1830's when William Reed established an agricultural cooperate and general supply store. The cooperative was a meeting spot for local farms and suppliers to exchange experiences and connect with the community.

Honesdale High School is part of the Wayne Highlands School District. The school's sports teams are called the Hornets. The school is located on the top of Terrace Street and overlooks the town.

Honesdale was home to the Roman Catholic St. Vincent's Elementary School, located on Cliff Street. The school closed at the end of the 2008-2009 school year after declining enrollment.[22] Nonetheless, two Catholic churches continue with vigorous participation, as do churches of other denominations and a synagogue.

Honesdale has hundreds of Victorian age structures, and features several tall church steeples, historically significant buildings of many kinds, and a memorial Central Park beside the Wayne County Courthouse. While current zoning laws do not require building remodelling to remain historically accurate, the vast majority of houses and structures remain architecturally as they were constructed, often more than a century past.

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