When you're a nurse, you're lucky if you have even ONE day off! So how do you make the most of that precious time off of work? In honor of Nurses Week, we want to give you hard-working nurses some ideas on how to turn your day off into a self-care mini vacation! 

1) Treat Yourself

Think of what makes you the happiest. A new shirt? Ice cream? Shoes? Seeing a movie in theaters? Whatever it is, do it! Have you been window shopping a certain dress, but can't find an excuse of why you should get it? Here's your excuse: you deserve it! Splurge on a movie ticket with popcorn, a drink and some candy and let your mind wander as you watch. There's nothing more important than making time for the things that make you happy.

2) Pamper Yourself

Most nurses are so busy they don't have time to plan a full on relaxing vacation on the beach with massages, but that doesn't mean you can't pamper yourself! Plan a whole day devoted to taking care of yourself. Go get your nails done, go get a massage at the local massage school (great prices) or go get your hair done. If you can't afford any of these services, go to your local drug store and pick up a face mask, bubble bath or a relaxing candle and create a zen spa in your own home!

3) Do Absolutely Nothing

If you're not into shopping or movies, sometimes the best type of rejuvination is relaxation! Wake up, cook your favorite breakfast, never get out of your pajamas or off your couch and binge watch some Netflix! Some people find that not leaving their house is actually the most relaxing option. 

4) Get Some Fresh Air

If you don't like staying inside, don't want to shop or go see a movie, what about a trip to the park? Fresh air can clear a mind faster than anything. Pack a lunch, bring your bike and great book and relax under a tree. Getting that Vitamin D is good for the soul. 

Whatever it is, make sure you're making time to destress and make yourself happy. Nurses week is all about reminding you how hard you work and how much you deserve a break! Nurses are so selfless that sometimes they forget to take a moment for themselves, so here's yours!