The early bird isn’t the only one who gets the worm these days. It’s also the bird who works hard and isn’t afraid to step up to a AHSrenalstat_DifferenceMakerchallenge.

To become a difference maker in the workplace and turn a job into a career, you must strive for excellence, even in your day to day tasks.  No responsibility you’re given should be looked at as too small or trivial.

There are many ways to set yourself apart at work, giving you the ability to make a lasting impact.


Do you have a go-to person when faced with a tough choice? Most people do.

It’s time to become that go-to person for others. 

Continuing your education by studying the latest updates on diagnoses, health care treatments, and methods will set you apart, and help you assist others on your team.

Goal Setting

Leadership is cultivated through setting and surpassing goals, and there are no exceptions in nursing. 

If you persistently challenge yourself, the sky’s the limit in regards to work satisfaction and success. 

Goal setting will not only keep you motivated when working through challenging situations, but you will also make you more likely to look for solutions rather than focusing on problems.

Following Through

Whether it is patient care, family education, or cleaning up, taking responsibility for your job and completing tasks highlights your character.

Others on your team will take notice of your consistency. It’s a foundational part of building trust with team members.

Do you have what it takes?

Difference makers think ahead, strive for excellence, and are an asset to any nursing team they are on. 

Set the standard by taking time to learn, set goals, and follow through. One of the best parts of being a difference maker is watching how your life has a positive impact on those around you.

Make today a great day!