Keeping up with the Right Stuff Once you’ve established yourself in a job position, you need to stay current in your industry. Learning all you can about Chronic RNupcoming trends will help you maintain your vital position within the organization. Here are some tips for keeping up! Listen for key words Keep an ear out for industry-specific terms and key words. Google them. Ask a mentor. Research by picking up a trade journal. Ask questions of your coworkers. Find out all you can about upcoming concepts to stay in the know about dialysis nursing trends. A Day in the Life Say you’ve discovered a new concept, and you’re eager to learn more. Find someone currently working on that new idea. Ask that person if you can shadow them for a few hours, in order to observe and ask questions. Chances are, they’ll gladly say yes. Make a Phone Call Pick up the phone to ask for information directly from a trusted source. Ask them to tell you all they know about the topic you’re investigating. An email would probably be quicker, but don’t discount the value of personal contact. You’ll probably gain great insight! Visit the Internet Search keywords and focus on journals or online classes about industry specific topics. Find a webinar or conference call you can join, so that all your questions can be answered immediately. Trainers are the movers and shakers in your industry. Use their willingness to share to your advantage. During your off hours, spend time reading about topics within your field. Watch for trends. Read journals. Take an online course to stay fresh and interested. Learning should be a lifelong passion. Your time investment will pay dividends as you progress in your dialysis care career.