Help Your Game...Know the Stats A new year can bring new possibilities in your career. AHS staffing wants to help this dream become a reality for you.  dialysisnursingLet us help you find the job you've always wanted. From Florida to California, Dialysis RN’s are in high demand. Now is the opportunity to launch your career in the direction of your choice. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or fresh out of college, the nursing industry is growing. We know the right job is just waiting for you. Dialysis Nurse Job Outlook: According to, dialysis nurses can find a wide range of employment in both private practice and medical facilities.  However, the highest paying positions are typically found in hospitals. With nearly 10% of the U.S. population affected by diseases that eventually lead to dialysis treatment, the growth rate for dialysis nurses is steady. The U.S. Board of Labor and Statistics projects the growth of dialysis nursing jobs at 26% over the next decade. Also, because of healthcare reform and lower unemployment rates, the number of insured patients continues to grow which contributes to industry growth. Pay: The median annual salary for dialysis nurses is $44,000 to $95,000.  These numbers are expected to increase as demand for qualified nurses increases. Of course, location plays a factor in salary rates.  States, such as California, typically offer higher salaries. However, areas with higher salaries also have higher costs of living. Bottom Line: Renal care nursing is continuing to advance. We are honored to be here to help serve your employment needs. Whether you are a nurse looking to make the next move in your career, or a company searching for the right candidate to fit your needs, let AHS Staffing take the guesswork out of your search. Composed by: Andrea Williams 01/18/16 * AHSRenalStatLogo